20 May, 2013

Hiring an Online Fitness Coach

 February 2013 and as you can tell, I'm sucking in in the second picture
As I said in my It's been Long post, I hired an online fitness coach to help me be in the best possible shape of my life. I'm so excited because today marks the first day of my 12 week program. I'm certainly not a novice when it comes to working out and what a good diet consists of. I've  lost 15lbs in the past and kept it off for more than 2 years, I'm extremely well read on the subject and have a critical thinking ability to distinguish truth from myth.

Having said all that, I knew I needed the accountability paying someone else gives you. I'm not one to waste money so when I pay for something, you bet your sweet behind that I'm going to stick to it and get the best bang for my buck. 

So I took the plunge and paid a bunch of money to someone who knows their stuff and does this for a living! And I'm glad I did because I can already tell a marked shift in my mentality. 

Jan vs. March 2013
So I have a solid workout program and an individualized nutrition plan that I'm ready and willing to commit to for at least 12 weeks. I'll keep y'all updated on my results. 

Be excited for me cuz I certainly am!!



  1. Is the last set of pics where you are now? You look great!! You should put dates on these so we can see the progress! I am the same way about money!!! Well, best of luck lady. I know you will kill it!!

  2. I should put dates on them you're right. Thanks ma'am. The second set of pictures was a few weeks ago and that's where I am right now give or take more muscle definition. And I currently deadlift 245lbs X 2 and that makes me so so happy. And btw, I can't believe you've gone 92 days strong thus far. Great job!

  3. I decided to look at the dates since they're from instagram. They're labeled now.


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