18 June, 2013

New Product Alert: Eco Custard

While I'm yet to do the review of my CurlBox  products, I thought I should alert y'all to this here Eco Custard. I've loved Eco Styler since forever but it makes my hair crunchy so imagine my pleasure at seeing this in the June CurlBox.


  • Good curl definition
  • Medium hold
  • Light and fluffy feeling
  • No need for a leave in conditioner
  • No crunchy feeling
  • I hate the smell!!

I'll come back and let y'all know if this survives past first day hair. 

@chyscurlz on Instagram come check me out living life daily. 

P.S.: chrisettemichelle liked my picture on the IG!!! Ahhhhh!!!!!


  1. I'm looking forward to your review of it because I'm wondering if the smell lingers. Also, love your hair cut and color; now that you have another cute style, are you still thinking of growing it out or do you prefer to keep it short?

  2. Your hair is too cute! Did you do a wash and go?

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