30 May, 2014

New Beginings

I don't know if there is anyone here anymore. But I'm here after a year of zero blogging, I'm back. I'm going to write for myself and if there are people drawn to my story, I welcome them aboard. I'm going to write about anything and everything that makes me tick. I love fashion, I love reading, I love fitness, I love weight lifting, I love home decor, I love DIYs, I love crochet, I love being a Nurse, I love being a Jehovah's witness and helping others study the bible. I'm going to write about all that I love. I guess you'll have to call this a lifestyle blog from now on...because it's going to be about my lifeStyle. They say to have a particular niche when blogging. But rules are meant to be broken and I'm uniquely me and that's what I'm going to present to you. So, it might be prudent to have a list of what I have planned coming up. But I don't have a list so how can I supply one? I guess we'll just see where this goes. Talk to you guys myself soon :)


  1. Welcome back! Look forward to reading new material : )

  2. What ever you write about, I'm interested. I've noticed some of your dress styles and how your place is decorated in the background of your videos. From what I can see you have style.

  3. Just discovered your blog. I started the maximum hydration method which is kind of based on the CG method but targeted to low po type 4 hair. I did was trying to find out more about baking soda on hair which led me to your blog. I am eager to hear about your updated regimen :) I will follow you on instagram as well. Thanks,neuyogi


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