29 October, 2014

A New Era Begins

So I cut my hair all off. Why you ask? Because I had the "itch". That itch to do something you wouldn't typically do. It felt like a dare and I had no choice. I've been stuck in a pretty crappy place for the past two years. It's ebbs and flows but all the same, I've been the unhappiest I've been in all my life these past 2-4 years. But that's in the past now. Things are resolving, I'm determined to be happy and I'm taking big leaps of faith. So what better way to showcase that but by listing to the itch. So yeah, back to square one when it comes to hair. That just means I'll have tons of material to blog about as I rediscover my hair. 

Until next time,


  1. Well I've always loved your hair. And this is cute on you. You have a lot of style and seem to work your hair. I can't wait to follow more of your journey. One thing about shorter hair, the wash and gos do better.( well, that's what I've noticed)

  2. I'm excited for your return, your documented journey, and all the nuggets of info we will receive as a result. Square one can be a glorious thing. Heres to happiness and discovery.


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