23 October, 2014

Necessity is The Mother of Invention

Living in a small town has meant being incredibly self sufficient. This of course means becoming well-versed in doing my own hair. So I bring you my latest installation. Crochet Marley twists!

So basically Marley twists but done on a crochet braid base. It took me 5 hours from start to finish. I brushed out the Marley hair to make it puffier and used two pieces cut in two per braid. This method allows you to have your braids appear very full without the time commitment and it also saves those edges a lil bit

Here goes it!


I'll try and keep it in as long as I can and maybe get a decent picture of the back. 

That's it for now. Until later!



  1. Loving the hair-do. I would love to see some styling options. Does this method typically last longer than doing individual twists? Thanks for sharing. If only I was this talented :)

    1. I think it can last a pretty decent amount of time if you don't have ADHD like I do when it comes to hair. Unfortunately, this lasted me all of 2 days so I didn't get a chance to do many styles on it. But I did get to do a twist out which was the bomb.


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